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Date and time in Lesotho
Today's Date: 24:10:2016
Time : 09:59 pm
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- Do enjoy your stay in our beautiful country, and the hospitality of the Basotho people

- Do take a local guide with you; it will make your experience of the Mountain Kingdom enjoyable, informative, and much safer

- Do wear seatbelts while driving in Lesotho - for your safety and that of others.

- Do be friendly - a smile and wave, especially when traveling through the countryside, will win many friends.

- Do inform the local Chief or Headman if you are going to camp in his area, he will be helpful.

- Do ask for permission as a matter of courtesy before photographing anyone

- Do not give children sweets, so as to not to encourage them to beg in the streets.

- Do not wander alone at night, ask a local guide to accompany you or go in groups.

- Do not take photographs of the following places: The Palace, The Prime Minister's Residence, Border Posts, Police Stations, Airports, The Central Bank building, Commercial Banks' Buildings, Royal Lesotho Defence Force buildings, and Government offices.


•  Hello Lumela

•  How are you? U phela joang?

•  I am fine Ke phela hantle

•  What is your name? Lebitso la hau u mang?

•  My name is …………… Lebitso la ka ke ……………..

•  Where do you come from? U tsoa kae?

•  I come from…………… Ke tsoa………………………

•  May I have some water Ke kopa metsi

•  May I have food Ke kopa lijo

•  What is the price? Ke bokae?

•  Stay well Sala hantle (salang hantle – plural )

- Good bye Tsamaea hantle (Tsamaeang hantle – plural )

Chicken Nama ea khoho

•  Beef Nama ea khomo

•  Mutton Nama ea nku

•  Pork Nama ea kolobe

•  Potatoes Litapole

•  Vegetables Meroho

•  Milk Lebese

•  Eggs Mahe

•  Thank you! Kea leboha

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