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By the year 2015, Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) will be the leader in successfully positioning Lesotho as a must visit Southern Africa's mountain, culture, adventure and ecotourism destination.


LTDC provides leadership in the development of a strong and vibrant tourism industry which contributes to sustainable economic growth, job creation, poverty alleviation, and protection of the natural and cultural environment through effective partnership with the private sector and the community in strategic marketing, research, product development, quality service delivery and human resource development.

  Vision Strategies Opportunities Board of Directors Departments

“Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Economic Development through Tourism


•  To promote and generate sustainable and profitable tourism projects which demonstrate a high absorptive capacity for labour.

•  Mobilization of requisite resources to meet the demand for financial and infrastructural requirement from both the local and international donor/financial institutions and the private sector.

•  To market and promote Lesotho as a preferred destination for tourists (increased market share of global tourist traffic) in such a manner that will contribute to generation of additional foreign exchange, improved balance of payments and creation of employment.

•  To promote and increase the flow of domestic tourism by marketing internally the unique selling points of Lesotho with particular accent on appreciation of heritage, traditional and cultural endowments and responsible use of environment.


Goals are in bold and are followed by the associated objectives.

1. To position Lesotho as preferred tourism destination

•  To Promote Lesotho as a tourism investment destination.

•  To promote and facilitate diversification of tourism product.

•  To facilitate the development and information packaging of appropriate tourism routes.

•  To improve the image of Lesotho as a preferred tourist destination.


2. To improve institutional capacity for long term sustainability of the Corporation

•  To develop a stable, growing and diversified funding base for the Corporation and the effective use thereof

•  To enhance effective communication within the Corporation.

•  To ensure that the Corporation has appropriate institutional capacity to achieve its goals

•  To enhance performance management within the corporation

•  To ensure that the Corporation adheres to the law and sound corporate governance

•  To enhance tourism research and provide information that guides policy and decision making processes


3. To facilitate the creation of a conducive environment for sustainable growth of the tourism industry

•  To enhance communication and collaboration with strategic partners

•  To facilitate capacity building within the tourism industry

•  To facilitate the establishment of an appropriate legal framework for the tourism industry







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